From the Latin word meaning shallow dish; often of metal and used to carry the bread at the Eucharist.

Definition: Something grown beautiful with age and use. Accumulated changes in surface texture that result from use of an object or furniture over time.

Welcome to the blog for Piranesi Antiques. We hope you will enjoy perusing this site. Please, visit us often to stay updated on new additions to our exciting collection of furnishings and decorative arts in the Neoclassical style. We have just received our fall shipment of Juliska dinnerware and glassware. There are some wonderful additions to the collection, like the Jardin du Monde canape plates, the Jardin du Monde platters and the Cameron wine carafe (see photos below). We are now offering a bridal registry; just give us a call at 504. 523.200 if you’re interested.

Jardin de Monde plattersJardin de Monde canape plates

Cameron carafe


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6 Responses to “Patina”

  1. Margaret Says:

    beautiful photos. where is the shop so i can visit it?


    • Patina Says:

      Thanks for your comments. Piranesi is located at 2104 Magazine Street in New Orleans. You can sign up for blog posts and we will send out an email when our shipment arrives. To make room for our Argentina finds we are having a 50% off sale (which will go through 9/19/09); thus, the shop is currently somewhat empty. Would love for you to stop by.
      Terry and Cary

  2. Samantha Says:

    Your store is one of my favorite stores in New Orleans! Every time I visit, I buy something beautiful! I can’t wait to see the new shipment from Argentina!


  3. Patina Says:

    Thanks for your kind comments, we will continue to post updates on the status of our shipment on our blog.
    Terry and Cary

  4. Jim Willeford Says:

    I enjoyed the photos….very nice web site.

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