Cary and Terry land in Buenos Aires!

We left Atlanta for Buenos Aires about 8:30 pm and landed the next morning at 7:30.  Although long, since the flight is south-north, it didn’t take as much of a toll on us as the ones going east-west. Also our biological clocks were more in synch as Buenos Aires is only one hour ahead of Atlanta and two ahead of New Orleans.

We went directly to the Meliá Recoleta Plaza Boutique Hotel, located in the exclusive and elegant district of LA RECOLETA at 1557 Posadas.  A delightful small hotel, the staff speaks excellent English, the rooms are welcoming, breakfast buffet (included with the room) is delicious.  There is a small gym and spa as well as a terrace for dining in the summer. We highly recommend this hotel and plan to stay there when we return to Buenos Aires.

Hotel Meliá Recoleta

Hotel Meliá Recoleta

We arrived at the hotel, immediately showered and hit the streets for our first day of antique shopping.

Out side of antiques shop in San TelmoInside an antique store in San Telmo

Antique shop in Sal Telmo

Lunch of course was not to be missed!  We found an adorable bar-cafe with the best pizza, stuffed with caramelized onions and cheese.

Bar restaurant in San Telmo: lunch

For the afternoon we poked through warehouses for hidden treasures like the ones below.


We loved suprises like the gypsy caravan parked outside one of the warehouses.


After a full day we returned to our hotel to review our finds over a delicious dinner.

Chicken stuffed with pesto and ricotta


2 Responses to “Cary and Terry land in Buenos Aires!”

  1. Jane Apffel Says:

    Hi Carey and Terry —

    Great travel report and shopping saga. Fun to read. Can’t wait to see your new arrivals and the things you bought.


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