Piranesi: First in an occasional series

G. B. Piranesi


Engraving by F. Piranesi after a portrait by J. Cadès, 1779

The Buildings

The incredibly talented Giovanni Battista Piranesi, whose life and works greatly influenced the development of the neoclassical style in 18th century Europe, is the inspiration for the name of our small antiques store in New Orleans.

Piranesi loved Rome, the eternal city, and his extraordinary genius resurrected and immortalized its’ beauty through his engravings.

Piranesi was born in Venice in 1720. He was trained as an architect; became an artist and designer, and in  1740 he went to Rome and began documenting the  architectural ruins located there.

One of his major works, Le antichita romaine, a series of engravings of Roman buildings, began to appear in 1756 and presented a new and breathtaking vision of the grandeur and magnificence of ancient Roman architecture.

We are delighted to have some Piranesi engravings at our store in New Orleans; below are two of them.  You can see the lush and dramatic effects of his passion for antiquity in general and everything Roman in particular.

Engraving of Title page of the Edition of the "Magnificent Architecture of Rome"by Giovanni Battista Piranesi

Engraving of title page from "On the Grandeur and the Architecture of the Romans," created by Piranesi for the Society of the Royal Academy of Antiquarians in London.

Details of Piranesi title page

Detail of above

Engraving  by Francisco Piranesi

Engraving of the tomb of Pope Pius VI by Francisco Piranesi, son of Giovanni Battista Piranesi.

Detail of tomb engraving by Piranesi

Detail of above

Just for fun, we also have note cards and tablets (pictured below) based on some of Piranesi’s original engravings for sale at Piranesi.

urn cards #1

Foldover note cards with Piranesi's urns

2nd urn

Foldover note cards with Piranesi's urns

Column stationary 1

Note cards with Piranesi columns

Column cards #2

Note cards with Piranesi columns

frieze cards

Note cards with Piranesi frieze

column tablet



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