What Is It? Canape, Couch, Sofa, Settee??

What is it, a canape, a couch a sofa or a settee?  Canape (used by the French), couch or sofa (used by the English)  all are terms for a comfortable piece of furniture usually seating 3 people, where the seat, back and arms are  covered with fabric.   Often the French canape has exposed finely carved wooden elements.  The word couch stems from the French word coucher, meaning to lie down; and sofa comes from the Arabic word suffah, meaning a long reclining bench.  The settee is more formal and less comfortable than a canape, couch or sofa and generally seats 2 people.  In between the canape and the settee is the marquise,  an amble chair were 2 can sit at ease.

Below are pictures of some of our inventory.  Stop by Piranesi and see our stunning selection.  Or visit us on line at piranesi@nocoxmail.com

Louis XV Giltwood Canape, 19C France

Louis XV Painted Canape, 19C France

Maison-Jansen Cane Canape, C1900 France

Directoire Period Settee, 18C France

Louis XVI Marquise, 19C France


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